This is how lesbian achieve orgasms from their partners

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A Gentle Start

Lesbian orgasms are no different than regular orgasms women experience with men. Well, some people argue that orgasms women get from other women are much more powerful. That’s because women know what makes them tick, and it’s always best to have a gentle start. There can be no explosion in the kitchen without warming up the oven first, right? Let us explain.


Whether you’re using tools or your bodies, foreplay is essential. This is the part of sex that lets both partners relax, ease into what’s going on, and get used to their partner’s touch. Foreplay doesn’t even have to start sexual. A sensual massage is always welcome, or simple caressing of each other’s erogenous zones.


Women orgasm when they’re excited, relaxed, and in a safe environment. Having a gentle beginning will ensure that both partners are in a good headspace to move on.

Psychological Openness

Most women orgasm guides talk about psychological openness, and we agree that it’s necessary for it to exist. If this openness doesn’t exist yet, you can achieve it with a gentle start. However, even still, something can stop you from letting go completely.


Women usually have negative feelings towards their bodies. Society tells them they should look a certain way, both in clothes and naked. So, when they think they’re not up to society’s standards, they can become self-conscious. This is a big reason why they can’t relax completely and be open.


Instead of being in your head and worrying about what your partner thinks of your body, be present and in the moment. Your partner is with you because they find you attractive, and nothing about your body is going to surprise them. A good way to make yourself fe

el better is to let your partner know how you feel. Once they reassure you that there’s nothing to worry about, you’ll be on your way to achieving a lesbian orgasm.

The Likes and Dislikes

Besides being open and relaxed, you need to be comfortable enough to talk to your partner during sex. If you’re not a fan of dirty talking, this is a conversation you can have before sex too. Talk about your likes and dislikes freely, and don’t worry if your partner is going to judge you. If they do, they may not be right for you after all.


If you choose to have this conversation during sex, trust us when we say that it’s going to make the whole experience way hotter. Tell your partner what they’re doing well or what you want them to do. Also, don’t be afraid to tell them if they’re doing something you don’t like. The goal is for both of you to have fun, and that’s how you’ll achieve the fastest orgasms ever.

Sex Is Not a Competition

The problem with lesbian orgasms is wondering who should finish first? The only answer is that it doesn’t matter. Plus, timing your orgasms so you can finish at the same time can seem romantic, but it can also make you feel stressed.


Sex won’t always be perfect and according to plan. That’s why your focus should always be on your pleasure and your partner’s satisfaction. If you finish at the same time, it’s a moment you’ll remember for a long time. But if one of your finishes first, it’s up to you to make the other one finish too.


The timing really isn’t essential, but what is is that both partners have an explosive orgasm. So, don’t think about sex as a competition. Instead, view it as teamwork.

Taking All the Time

Another thing to keep in mind is that orgasms won’t always come fast. In fact, it will always take some time and effort. So, don’t be discouraged if your partner isn’t finishing after 15 minutes of playtime. Maybe they simply need more time.


The good news is that you’ll always have plenty of time to explore what makes your partner tick. Well, that’s the case unless you’re going for a quickie. But it’s important to get to know your partner, so having lengthy sex can help a lot. During this time, not only will you find out what turns them on and off, but how much time they need to orgasm.


Once you’re more in tune with each other, you’ll be able to have mind-blowing orgasms even after 10 minutes. For that to happen, though, you need to invest time and effort, but you know it’ll be worth it in the end.

Orgasms Are Rare

We’re talking about orgasms like they’re common and easy to achieve. However, you’d be surprised how many people, and especially women, can’t reach orgasms at all. The term for that condition is anorgasmia, and it isn’t always life-long. Sometimes it’s situational, and there are things that can be done about it.


If you notice that you or your partner can’t orgasm no matter what, know that it’s okay. You can talk to your doctor if this is something that really bothers you. On the other hand, even if you do experience an orgasm every time you have sex, sometimes it won’t always work.


Having a hard time or the inability to achieve orgasms can be frustrating, but it isn’t a big deal. Instead, you can focus on the pleasure you receive from your partner instead. While orgasms feel great, it’s the stimulation that makes them happen, so you’ll still have something to enjoy.