How to enjoy BDSM with your partner at home

The perception of sado-masochism of BDSM as a perversion is long gone. Modern medicine recognizes sado-masochism as a full-fledged type of sexual expression of a healthy person, naturally, only when partners enter into such relationships solely by mutual consent.

By sado-masochistic paraphernalia refers to devices for binding and flagellation. Their assortment is diverse: handcuffs, gags, belts, fixings, collars, masks, small and large lashes, soft and hard. Materials for the manufacture of this type of product are: leather, nylon, metal, imitation leather and latex.

In general, devices for binding and scourging are intended for people who like the aggressiveness of BDSM and BDSM, for those who simply do not have enough adrenaline in their blood.

Psychologists have shown that each person is more or less prone to violence or submission. It is the sexual games, with the use of one or sadomasochistic paraphernalia, allow implementing these tendencies in a safe manner. …